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The XL Body

Organisation is essential for today’s contractor. We understand its essential that your tools and materials are easy to locate and retrieve. In today’s hectic world every moment saved improves your profit margin. XL’s Service Bodies are designed to help the contractor achieve this goal.

Smarter By Design

The best never happens by default

From its inception n 1991, the XL Body was developed using computer-aided design software. Today the company uses Solidworks® solid modelling and state-of-the-art CAD/CAM software to utilise the best technology and systems available to develop, design and manufacture all products. Quality sheet metal machinery ensures all the components in an XL product are made to world class quality standard and exacting tolerances. This way, we ensure our products deliver maximum weather and dust protection.

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XL Quality

XL’s in-house Chemical Engineering Department has developed a 5-stage iron phosphate coating system to ensure every XL Service Body is corrosion-protected prior to powder coating.

5-Stage Iron Phosphate Coating System.
After extensive cleaning, every XL Body is totally submerged in five 12,000 litre chemical and filtered water tanks:

  • Tank 1 – Alkaline cleaner heated to remove grease and debris.
  • Tank 2 – Filtered demineralised water rinse.
  • Tank 3 – Phosphate solution etches the product surface and applies a uniform iron phosphate coating.
  • Tank 4 – Filtered demineralised water rinse.
  • Tank 5 – Polymer solution seals the iron phosphate coating for superior corrosion protection and enhanced powder coat adhesion.


XL Powder Coating
We complete all our powder coating in-house to ensure a uniform quality standard of thickness and lustre. XL powder coating benefits include:

  • Superior finish and long term durability
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Smooth finish without drips or runs
  • Flexibility
  • Impact resistance
  • Easy touch up and repair ability
  • Excellent resistance to alkalis, solvents and chemicals
  • Unrivalled finish consistency
  • Perfect sign writing backdrop.